High Street, Swavesey, Cambridge CB24 4QU

Run 2: BHF Knebworth Park 5k

23rd February 2014

Run 4: BHF Canary Wharf 5k 21/05/14
Taf2 - 1 Waiting for bus

Got to Knebworth and had to get a coach to the start. Never been on one before – it was a bit cramped but sat at the back with 2 other dogs who had obviously done it all before. The sun was shining but it was a bit windy.

Got my number on and had my own chip timer to record my time accurately. Lots of people were there & great to see lots of dogs. 5 people each put £1 in my donation pocket whilst we were waiting so thank you to them.

Taf2 - 3 Doing the warm up

Got my toilet break in before the start so I was in my owner’s good books. Settled down to have a rest whilst everyone else jumped about doing a warm up. I don’t need one of those – I’m always warmed up and ready for action. There were 843 runners there so it took a while to cross the start line as we were at the back.

The course was very muddy and very hilly. Glad I had my coat on when it started raining. The wind was very strong and I had to keep waiting for my owner to catch up. I loved pulling on the down hills but wasn’t very interested in pulling up hill where I might have been more use. My halo slipped when I decided to take two more toilet breaks and I got a new nick name – Paula Radcliff.

Taf2 - 4 Waiting for my owner to catch up
Taf2 - 6 crossing the finishing line

Even I was glad to see the finish line after this one. The run seemed much harder than the first one, even though I have just had 5 weeks intensive training in preparation. I hope the next one is flat and dry!

Got given my own medal and a bottle of water by a very funny dog. I said thank you politely (as you do) and left him my autograph by plonking a muddy paw on his white foot whilst we were having our photo taken.

Taf2 - 5 being given my medal
Taf2 - 8 my running buddy

This is my Knebworth running buddy. We spent the whole race overtaking each other and he kept me motivated as I wasn’t going to let him win with his very short legs…….Unfortunately he did ( must be because his little body produced less wind resistance!).

Despite the hard going I finished in a very respectable time of 37min51. I got given a foil blanket to keep me warm whilst waiting for the bus back to the car park. If it’s quick we should be back in time for dog training on the field.

Taf2 - 7 keeping warm

A big thank you to all who sponsored me

My next run is BHF Tower of London 5k on 7/5