Run 5: Milton Self-Transcendence #3 5k

3rd June 2014

Run 4: BHF Canary Wharf 5k 21/05/14
Taffy Run 5 - 1 Making friends with the organiser

This race only gave out medals to the first 7 in each age category so we were keeping our fingers crossed we would not be competitor number 8. When we got to the registration tent it turned out we needn’t have worried. We were the only ones! When I got my number I posed for my photo with Dave the organiser.

Dave roped in a marshal to run as well to give us some competition. The course was 2½ loops and they were both seasoned runners but they never once overtook us. The rain I ordered to keep me cool came and I think we went wrong a couple of times as the rain washed out some of the direction markers

Taffy Run 5 - 2 At the start
Taffy Run 5 - 3 Running well

The course went round the lake but even though I was thirsty and will happily drink out of dirty road puddles I didn’t once want to put my delicate nose in the water. All though midges’ hovering over it. Urrgh. It was the first 5k I have done without a single water stop but chasing rabbits along the way made up for it.

When I got to the end, once again I had to wait for my owner to catch up. Feeling hungry I decided to eat the finish line as it was made of flour and I’m no longer allowed to eat bread.

Taffy Run 5 - 4 eating the finish line
Taffy Run 5 - 6 medal ceremony

At the medal ceremony we came first in our age group and I was given a big bottle of water and a banana. Despite the poor turnout they are going to put them on again next year (this was run 3 of 3 but we didn’t know about the first 2) and one of them will be a relay so I will have to find some doggy friends to help me out.

As it was a Tuesday evening we had to rush straight back for dog training as it is club night. By the time I got out of the car my coat was beginning to dry and getting very itchy!

Taffy Run 5 - 7 Back in time for dog training - get this coat off

A big thank you to all who sponsored me

My next run is Chicks Chase #2 5k on 5/6